Tune Into Wave

It is a wave but it's not made of water, it plays tunes but it cannot be tuned. Wind is the musician. Tune Into Wave is for sure the nicest chair we've ever built. It comes alive when wind is around. It blends nicely with the colour of sand and offers shade and 'isolation' in an open environment to any person that passes by.
Tune Into Wave captures movement of wind and translates it into simultaneous sound and movement. Just like the wind, it is never the same, so it never plays the same tune twice.

When wind was hard, we had our hands full holding onto the ropes of the surfing kites in the skies. Sound was beautiful, loud and strong. Once the stormy and wild wind quieted down our hands became free, so we could turn on the mikes and roll the camera. This was also a moment when no big action was left. But to our big surprise we got to hear something that we didn't expect at all - subtle singing overtones!

Tune Into Wave was made for Frouke Wiarda's kite and sound project Musicaerial.

(Size 2m x 1.5m x 1.7m, excluding kite).

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